You, as a consumer, are protected by law thru the MCPA.

The Michigan Consumer Protection Act prohibits certain unfair, unconscionable or deceptive practices in trade or commerce.

I have helped my clients WIN money damages. An example of a violation is that Defendant Landlord claimed that a 10,000 square foot recreation facility including indoor/outdoor pools etc., would be built for tenants, but was not. ( A true case) Another is that the car dealer Defendant overcharged the purchaser $4,000.00 (over what other car dealers were charging) for a Dodge Neon car. (Another true case) Or Sears selling water heaters and consumers paid for installation. This included the $40.00 permit from the municipality for its installation. Yet, Sears' installers were not pulling the permits. This was a violation, in which consumers recieved money damages and had their attorney fees paid.

The nice thing about the above is that if you are successful, the Defendant pays your attorney fees and pays you money damages. The CPA also provides the added benefit for you are a Plaintiff, that if you sue, and you are successful, .

Do you think you have a case of fraud, misrepresentation or other deceptive trade practices or acts? If so, contact me by e-mail or call to make an appointment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


(While the above is not an exhaustive "how to" I hope that it does provide some useful information to get you started thinking about your consumer law complaints. Please do not rely on it, but consult the advice of a trained professional like me before taking any action.)





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